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Snowcoach cruising through Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park In winter, is nature’s crystal cathedral. The landscape transforms into a marvel of textures and shapes all sparkling with an icy diamond allure. In the quiet of Yellowstone winter, hot springs bubble and boil, fumaroles hiss and howl, geysers roar and rumble. A whiff of sulfur mingles with the clean, tangy smell of lodgepole pine. Bison, elk and cluster around the geyser basins and along the ice free streams. Bald eagles and Canada geese grace the skies and waterways. Aboard a passenger snowcoach, you are toasty warm and have a personal introduction to this First of all National Parks through the narrative of an expert guide.

Snowcoach tours offer the most comfortable and easiest way to experience this winter wonderland. Snowcoach tours run through most of the park all through the winter season, and are available from a number of National Park Service approved vendors. Snowcoach tours are available at Mammoth, Old Faithful, and at the south and west park entrances. Comfortable for everyone of any age, these climate controlled customized touring vehicles create an amiable environment from which you can view wildlife and thermal activity. Imagine a large van with an extended high top, tank treads for tires and skis extending at the front of the vehicle. Many of the Yellowstone Snowcoach operators offer guided tours that include skiing, snowshoeing and lunch.

Snowcoach Sno Lodge, yellowstone
Snowcoach unloading passangers at Old Faithful Snow Lodge

Snowcoach tours will unlock the park's secrets for you, while a naturalist guides you through the splendors of the first national park. You may be concerned that you have less control on where you stop; but the snowcoach operators are very good about stopping for scenic viewing, photo opportunities and leg stretching. Snowcoach tours are also less expensive than snowmobile tours.

Although Yellowstone’s bears are hibernating for the winter there are abundant wildlife viewing opportunities. Elk and bison are seen routinely and wolves are seen often. Yellowstone’s Wildlife is challenged more than any other time of year and their struggle is evident too see. That is why there is so much interest in seeing this adventure first hand.

During the winter, the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and the Old Faithful Snow Lodge are the only two overnight facilities open in the park. The Snow Lodge is only accessible by over-the-snow vehicles. The park’s winter season begins Dec. 18, with the opening of the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.

According to Yellowstone Park Winter visitor statistics, snowcoach tours are quickly becoming the most popular way to visit Yellowstone. A combination of lower cost, greater comfort, commanding views, and opportunities to learn about Yellowstone is inspiring more visitors to choose snowcoach tours as their preferred way to experience Yellowstone.

A snowcoach tour is an awesome way to view wildlife in Yellowstone
A snowcoach tour is an awesome way to view wildlife in Yellowstone

Advantages over snowmobiles include: easy communication with your guide, you can still stop when you want to for photo opportunities. Snowcoach tours start at $109 per person (West Yellowstone), private tours can be even less. They are warm and cozy, even in the coldest weather. Regardless of snow conditions, snowcoach access is available even when snowmobiles are not. The interpretative information given on snowcoach tours is interesting, educational and fun. Larger coaches can accommodate more than the snowmobile tour limit of 10 sleds. It is easy to communicate and interact with each other on the trip.

There are more than 12 Snowcoach tours serving all three Yellowstone Park entrances. Many tours offer multiple day vacation packages, which include snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

Yellowstone National Park is a wonderful place to see year round, but the winter time has been called it's best season Even if you have been through Yellowstone Park a dozen times in the summer, Yellowstone's unique winter environment should not be missed.

Snowcoach Operators

All Yellowstone Sports • (West Yellowstone)Experience the majestic winter beauty of Yellowstone National Park in the cozy comfort of a snowcoach!   Stay warm, converse comfortably, and share a snowcoach ride through the world’s first national park with friends, family, or business associates. Snowcoaching Yellowstone is an experience like no other. Choose a day or night tour to Old Faithful or the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and see many unique wonders while listening to the snowcoach guide tell the rich history of the park. Take photos from the snowcoach or ask the guide to park and let you out. Sit back and be wowed by the diverse array of Yellowstone wildlife like bighorn sheep, bison, coyotes, elk, and moose. Enjoy these views from the privacy and seclusion of Yellowstone in winter, the least crowded season of the year!
Daily Snowcoach Rides

All Yellowstone Sports, Snowcoach Tours
Goosewing Ranch Snowcoach Tours

Goosewing Ranch Snowcoach Tours • (Jackson Hole) Sit back and enjoy the scenery to Old Faithful in comfort as you are being chauffeured by an experienced, knowledgeable guide. This tour will take you to the Old Faithful Geyser making several stops along the way for wildlife viewing and photography.

You and your guide will leave early, between 6:00 - 6:30am and return between 5:00 - 7:00pm.

Our fleet consists of a small capacity 7-passenger van and a brand new luxury fully loaded 13-passenger van
Personable, professional, and experienced guides
Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments provided
Door-to-door transportation / Hotel pick-up
Equipment needed: winter jacket, hat, gloves, boots, camera

Multi-day packages and one-way trips to Old Faithful are also available. Call for availability and rates.


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