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Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours • (Jackson Hole) - Since 1982 we have brought the fun and excitement of dog sledding to the public. Hosted by seven-time Iditarod veteran, Frank Teasley, recipient of the Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award for the best cared team.

Klondike Dreams Sled Dog Rides (West Yellowstone Montana) You don’t have to go to Alaska to experience the thrill of the Iditarod. Just visit Klondike Dreams Sled Dog Kennel for a kennel tour and sled dog ride with our team of racing Alaskan Huskies from Iditarod blood lines, or visit West Yellowstone during one of the West Yellowstone Sled Dog Races to see racing sled dogs in action.

Frank Teasley's dogteam in front of the Grand Tetons

Sled Dog Races


Dogsledding, the perfect winter adventrure
Dogsledding, the perfect winter adventrure
Wyoming Stage Stop Race The International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race, the largest sled dog race in the lower 48 states, is slated for January 24 through January 31, 2004 announced Race Director Frank Teasley. Beginning in Jackson Hole before traveling through nine other Wyoming towns, the IPSSSDR brings world-class mushers to Wyoming for this eight-day event.

Ashton's American Dog Derby Every year during the third weekend in February the peaceful farming community of Ashton, Idaho, is transformed over night into a world of howling dogs, excited mushers, cheering crowds, and more howling dogs! Ashton hosts what is thought to be the oldest dog sled race in the lower 48 states, a tradition dating back to 1917. Follow along as we view interesting facts about the race!

Green River Rondy Sled Dog Race Photo Gallery • The Green River Rondy Sled Dog Race was held over New Year’s weekend in the Upper Green, north of Pinedale. The event brought mushers and teams from eight states to compete in the 6-dog and 12-dog races. Mushers raced on both Saturday and Sunday, with the final combined time determining the winner for the $6,000 purse. The 6-dog teams raced a 14-mile course and the 12-dog teams raced a 28-mile course. As a unique aspect of this sled dog race, mushers wore local rancher’s brands on their race bibs instead of the traditional numbers.

West Yellowstone Sleddog Race • Date Mid December
Race West Yellowstone Sleddog Race
Location West Yellowstone, Montana, USA
Purse TBA
Organizers Klondike Dreams Kennel

Address PO Box 268, West Yellowstone, MT, 59758
Contact Roger Vincent
Phone 406-646-4988
Distance 6 Dog (12 miles/day); 8 Dog (22 miles/day); 12 Dog (32 miles/day)

Dogsledding, the perfect winter adventrure
Dogsledding, the perfect winter adventrure
Dubois Sled Dog & Skijoring Races • several races  at the Annual Dubois Winterfest – includes sled dog races, demonstrations, an art show, children’s arts and crafts, a “soup and bread” contest, storytelling, dog parade and dog pet owner “look alike” contest. This event complements the Dubois Sled Dog and Skijoring Races.

The IditarodThe last great race on earth! Although the Iditarod is not a local race it is interesting to read about.

Race to the Sky • Montana’s premier winter sporting event is the Race to the Sky wich takes place the third week in Feburary. The Race to the Sky is recognized as one of the most challenging and beautiful sled dog races in the world. It is an unusual test of physical power, mental toughness, teamwork, and the special bond between man and animal. Working together, they negotiate the trail through Montana’s scenic Rocky Mountains.

Green River Classic Sleddog Races • The races are held outside of Pinedale, Wyoming along the gorgeous Green River. We are very fortunate to have a supportive community that are instrumental in such a successful race.

Dog Sledding Stories
  Dog Sledding in the Bridger Teton National Forest • By Heather Boynton

It’s taken me awhile to come to terms with this, but I have weird friends. Most people like to spend winter weekends on the slopes or in front of the fireplace, sipping cocoa, curled up with a book.

Not my friends.

One just got back from a week of ice-climbing camp in Ouray, and another is talking about trying snow kiting (think kite surfing, but on snow). Last week I went to see an old friend in Bozeman and we spent the evening buying, waxing and cutting skins for his new all-terrain skis, so that he can walk five miles uphill just to ski down it.

It was at that point I realized I had to step up my winter adventuring, or I wouldn’t have friends left to hang out with. They’d all be outside doing things without me.

So here I am in Bridger-Teton National Forest with six feet of snow on the ground. I’m on the back of a 60-pound sled behind eight Alaskan huskies. And these dogs love to run.----------------------------------------------> More

Dog Sled Maker

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Northwind Sleds

A wilderness day with the Dog Team
A wilderness day with the Dog Team

Northwind Sleds is a small family business located in Gallatin Gateway, Montana. Owner Kenny Hess is the main sled builder and design specialist. Wife Lori does paint work, bookkeeping and advertising. Son Josh makes the basic parts such as stantions, plastic brushbows and basket slats. Located near Bozeman, we are lucky to be surrounded by the prime dog running areas of Lincoln, Seeley Lake and West Yellowstone. This mountainous and rugged terrain was the testing grounds for our first sleds. As a racer with 20 plus years of experience, Kenny was looking for a sled that could hold up. His day job as a timber framer led directly to the mortise and tenon construction of a top quality wood dog sled. A season of dog touring proved that tourists could break anything on the market. Kenny created a sled that was virtually indestructible and became the traditional wood sled pictured in the foreground. This would become the basis for all our models. Over the last 10 years, with the help Doug Swingley and other musher friends, many more types of sleds evolved. Improvements for strength at stress points have been made. Camber and flexibility have been added to some models. Toboggans, modified toboggans, sprint sleds, and sit down sleds are now offered. Northwind is dedicated to constant improvement and refinement. We are open to what you, the musher, wants and needs.


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