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Trout Streams and Spring Creeks of the Greater Yellowstone Region
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Paradise Valley

Armstrong Spring Creek • Armstrong Spring Creek is a classic, flat water, meadow stream that varies in width from 50-100 feet. Intense hatches of midges, caddis, and mayflies throughout the season make for some world class dry fly fishing and terrific sight fishing with nymphs. These are wild beautiful, fish that average a solid fourteen inches and often exceed twenty. Most of the trout are acrobatic rainbows, but some very nice browns and cutthroats are present.

DePuy's Spring Creek, Paradise Valley Montana
DePuy's Spring Creek, Paradise Valley Montana

DePuy's Spring Creek • The DePuy's (pronounced Duh pews) portion of the spring creek that makes up Armstrong/Depuy's is approximately three miles in length and consists of a large variety of water, from the wide, shallower flats to deep narrow runs. There are lots of chutes, drop-offs, and riffles that hold good fish.

Nelson's Spring Creek • Nelson's is a smaller stream than the other creeks, and varies in width from thirty to seventy five feet. There is a lot of flat water here, making a careful approach and presentation critical. The fish are not as spooky as they are selective. 6X and 7X tippets are the rule, and you'll need to have the right flies and "match the hatch" to catch fish here.

Jackson Hole and Grand Teton Park

Flat Creek • Although most Yellowstone area streams and rivers are very scenic, this section of Flat Creek is different as it meanders through a treeless hay meadow. It lies between Gros Ventre Butte to the west and the Gros Ventre Range to the east, with the stately Sleeping Indian Mountain always looking down on you from any point on the stream. The mountain gives the appearance of an Indian sleeping on his back (with a substantial stomach), his head (with prominent nose) on top of the mountain, and full Indian head-dress following down the south slope. The whole panorama can bring the core of your soul very near the surface.

Slough Creek, Yellowstone National Park
Slough Creek, Yellowstone National Park


Slough Creek • here are a few big rainbows in this lower water as well as cutthroats. The upper meadows of Slough are accessed from a trailhead near the campground. The first meadow is a 45 minute walk from the trailhead—this hike starts with a fairly steep climb but levels out after the first hill. The first meadow is the most popular since it's close, and while the fishing is excellent, you can expect to see plenty of other anglers here in the middle of summer.

Soda Butte Creek • Of all the delicious looking trout streams in Yellowstone National Park, Soda Butte Creek surely ranks among the finest. Extensive meadows, broken up by pockets of forest, line the lower banks of the river as it twists and turns towards its confluence with the Lamar River at the eastern edge of the Lamar Valley. Access is quite easy - the highway between Tower and the Northeast Entrance closely follows the river for almost the entire length. In addition, the scenery is just awesome. The valley lower Soda Butte Creek flows through is not nearly as broad as the Lamar Valley, and the valley itself is flanked by towering mountains.

East Idaho

Old faithful and friends

Catch of the day

Batise Springs • (Pocotello Idaho) At Batise Springs Anglers, you can go back to the fishing days of the past. Our creek offers you the chance to catch and release trophy trout in a private, relaxed environment. This is the way fishing was meant to be! We offer anglers the opportunity to stalk, catch and release trout up to 30" without the fishing pressure that comes with public water.

Silver Creek • (Picabo ID) Silver Creek, located in central Idaho, is a large spring creek well known for its tremendous size browns and rainbows. It is a fishery with difficult changing currents that will "derail" the most perfect drift that you feel is "on-track." Tremendous hatches and slick water to match this activity makes the creek an incredible dry fly fishery. Surrounded by farmland and distant mountains the creek offers beautiful scenery that will give you the opportunity to bring home some memorable photos. Trout up to 24 inches can be caught here each year or end up being "the big one that got away. Silver Creek isn't in the Greater Yellowstone but the stream 3 hours west of Idaho Falls is worth a mention because of it's legendary repurtation.

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