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Pinedale, Sublette County and Bridger Teton National Forest Campgrounds

Camping in the Wind River Mountains, Pinedale wyoming
Camping in the Wind River Mountains, Pinedale Wyoming

The Green River Lake • Open 7/1 - 9/10 annually. The campground is located at the end of a 22- mile long gravel road. Access available for hunting, fishing, boating, swimming and the Bridger Wilderness. Horse corrals are availble at trailhead. There are 3 group sites available for reservation, serving group sizes of 35, 35, and 50 people. Drinking water is available. Description: 8000ft elevation. 39 camp sites and 3 group sites holding 25-150 people are on Green River Lake. Wilderness hiking access to the Bridger Wilderness follows the Green River. Campground amenities include a horse corral for people packing into the Wind River Mountains. Other activities include boating, canoeing, wildlife watching, and fishing.

Whiskey Grove • Traditionally open 6/15 - 9/10. Set among the Green River, there is hunting and fishing access. Drinking water is available. Description: 7600ft elevation. 9 camp sites along the banks of the winding Green River. Nearby sulphur spring at Stinky Spring. Access along forest roads to western border of Gros Ventre Wilderness (no trailhead). A favorite of fishermen and hunters and also wildlife watchers. Area activities include hiking, hunting, horse riding, river floating, swimming, and fishing. Location: From Pinedale, go 5.5 miles west on US 1919 then north on WY 352 for 24 miles. Go north on Forest Route 605 3 miles to campground.

Narrows • Open 6/1 - 9/10. Located on New Fork Lake. There is access to boating, fishing, swimming, hunting and the Bridger Wilderness. Drinking water available. Description: 7800-foot elevation. 19 campsites on the north shore of the New Fork Lakes with scenic views of the Wind River Range or the lake. Trail from campground leads into the Bridger Wilderness along the New Fork River. Loop trail emerges at Willow Lake. Campground amenities include a horse corral. Area activities include hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, boating, and fishing. Location: From Pinedale, go 5.5 miles west on US 191, then north on WY 352 for 13.5 miles. Turn right on Forest Route 730 and go 5.5 miles east.

Trails End/Elkheart Park Campground • Description: 9100ft elevation. 8 camp sites at the edge of the Bridger Wilderness. There is an information kiosk here, where information about hiking the wilderness is available, and a parking lot. An overlook viewing the Wind River Range is nearby. Trails lead from here deep into the wilderness. A horse corral is available. Area activities include hiking, horse riding, and hunting. Location: From Pinedale, go north Fremont Lake Road 3 miles, then north on Forest Route 740 9 miles.

Fremont Lake, Pinedale Wyoming
Fremont Lake and the Wind River Mountains

Fremont Lake • Open 5/25 - 9/10. Access to campground is paved. There is access to boating, fishing, swimming and hunting. Drinking water is available.Description: 7400ft elevation. 56 sites on the eastern shore of Fremont Lake (also known as Upper Fremont Lake campground), a popular fishing,boating and waterskiing area. There is a boat dock at the campground, and additional docks around the lake. A boat ramp and a picnic area, including a group picnic area, are at the south end of the lake. A visitor center is just north of here on Forest Route 740. Hiking trails are nearby. Activities include hiking, fishing, mountain biking, boating, and wildlife viewing. Location: From Pinedale, take Fremont Lake Road 3 miles north, then north 3.3 miles on Forest Route 741. 16 day stay limit. Dispersed camping is allowed around the lake at designated areas

Half Moon Lake • Open 6/1 - 9/10. There is access to boating, fishing, swimming and hunting. No drinking water available. Description: 7600-foot elevation. 16 campsites(some with views of the lake) are on the western shore of Half Moon Lake, at the foot of Half Moon Mountain. Trails from the campground lead east to smaller Little Half Moon Lake and Fayette Lake. Area activities include hiking, horse riding, boating, fishing, and water sports. Location: From Pinedale, go 3 miles north on Fremont Lake Road. Go north another 3 miles on Forest Route 740, then east 1.2 miles on FR 743.

Newfork Lake, Pinedale Wyoming, Wind River Mountains
Newfork Lake

New Fork Lake • Open 6/1 - 9/10. There is access to boating, fishing, swimming and hunting. No Drinking water. Description: 7800ft elevation. 20 individual campsites on the southern shore of the New Fork Lakes, and a group site(New Fork Group Campground) which can accomodate up to 150 people. To get to the group camping area, bear left around a loop 1.1 miles past the campground. The group areas are slightly removed from the lake shore. Area activities include boating, watersports,fishing, hiking,and mountain biking. Location: From Pinedale, go 5.5 miles west on US 191, then north on WY 352 13.5 miles. Go east on Forest Route 730 3.2 miles to campground

New Fork Group Site • Open 6/1 - 9/10. Available only through the reservation system, site serves up to 150 people. No drinking water available.

Boulder Lake • Traditionally open 6/1 - 9/10. There is access to boating, fishing, swimming, hunting, and the Bridger Wilderness. Horse Corrals are located at stock trailhead. No drinking water available. Description: 7300ft elevation. 28 campsites in between Boulder Lake and the Bridger Wilderness. Trail(with a corral) from the campground leads to a number of beautiful little mountain lakes. Area activities include hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing,motor boating, and climbing. Location: From Boulder, take WY 353 east 2 miles to Boulder Lake Road. Go north on this and Forest Route 780 9.75 miles.

Meadow at Big Sandy, Wind River Mountains, Pinedale Wyoming
Big Sandy Meadow in the Wind River Mountains

Big Sandy • Open 6/20 - 9/10. Access to hunting, fishing and the Bridger Wilderness. Horse corrals available at the stock trailhead. No drinking water available. Description: 9100 foot elevation. 12 campsites in large pines on the Big Sandy River, with easy access to a number of small lakes both within and outside the Bridger Wilderness. Horse corrals are available at the campground. For those with more ambition, the highest lake on this trail is Arrowhead Lake, 3300 feet above the campground. Surrounding swampy areas attract many moose to the area. Area activities include hiking, horse riding, fishing, hunting, and mountain biking. Location: From Boulder, take WY 353 east 18.5 miles to Big Sandy- Elkhorn Road. Keep going east 15.5 miles then north on BLM road 4113 3.5 miles and north on Forest Route 850 6.5 miles. Much of the Big Sandy - Elkhorn Road follows the Lander cutoff of the Emigrant Trail, and passes the historic site of Big Sandy. 16 day stay limit.

camping, granite creek, gros ventre mountains
Granite Creek in the Gros Ventre Mountains

Willow Lake • No longer a FS campground, dispersed camping only. Toilet and boat ramp on site. No drinking water. Sandy Beach Day Use Area Open 6/1 - 9/10. A picnic area with access to boating, fishing and swimming. Reservable site available for 75 people. No drinking water available. Description: 7700ft elevation. 7 campsites on the south shore of Willow Lake. Willow Lake borders the Bridger Wilderness, and access can be gained by following Forest Route 753 north to Spring Creek Park, and following the trail north. The trail emerges at the New Fork Lakes. Area activities include hiking, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, and boating. Location: From Pinedale, go west .5 mile on US 191 to Willow Lake Road. Go north 8.5 miles, then west on Forest Route 751 1.4 miles.

Granite Creek Campground • Description: 7100-foot elevation. This 52-site campground is situated near a thermal spring around which has been built a family swimming facility. Trailhead leads through the Gros Ventre Wilderness to the Elk Refuge. Area activities include hiking, wildlife watching, and fishing. Location: From Hoback Junction, take US 189/191 east 10 miles to Forest Route 30500. Go north 6 miles on dirt road.

Warren Bridge• Fee BLM campground along Green River accessed directly from Hwy 191. Campground Host. 7600' elevation, 16 RV/tent sites. Dump station, garbage service, handicapped accessible restrooms. Closest services: Daniel / Stanley Junction, 10 miles. Location:Along Green River, 20 miles north of Pinedale Access: mid-May to September

Middle Piney Lake • Paved for 11 miles, then gravel road access. Last portion is steep, narrow, windy and rough and doesn't open up until early July. Forested setting by scenic lake. 8500' elevation, 5 units, tents, overnight camping, fishing, hiking, boat ramp for small craft-no power boats. Handicapped facilities available. No Campground Host. Road usually open by July 4th. Trailhead access to Middle Piney Creek, Wyoming Peak and Wyoming Range National Recreation Trail. Road not suited to trailers or large RVs, posted turnaround point. Low clearance vehicles not recommended. Closest services: Big Piney, 26 miles.

Sacajawea •  Partly paved/part gravel road access on same road to Middle Piney Lake Campground. 8200' elevation, 24 units, tents, trailers, overnight camping, fishing, hiking. Drinking water. Handicapped restrooms available. No Campground Host. Located along Middle Piney Creek in a forest setting in scenic mountain valley. Not heavily used. Trailers and RVs ok to this point but not recommended further to Middle Piney Lake. Road narrows and becomes rough and steep. Closest services: Big Piney, 24 miles.

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aCamping in and around Yellowstone is an awesome experience but there are a few things to be careful of. Wild animals, especially females with young, are unpredictable. Keep a safe distance from all wildlife. Each year a number of park visitors are injured by wildlife when approaching too closely. Approaching on foot within 100 yards of bears or within 25 yards of other wildlife is prohibited. Please use roadside pullouts when viewing wildlife. Use binoculars or telephoto lenses for safe viewing and to avoid disturbing them. By being sensitive to its needs, you will see more of an animal's natural behavior and activity. If you cause an animal to move, you are too close!
Campgrounds in Yellowstone Park
Yellowstone River Sunrise from Fishing Bridge
Yellowstone River Sunrise from Fishing Bridge, this is between Fishing Bridge Campground and Bridge Bay Campground

Bridge Bay Campground • Bridge Bay is situated near Yellowstone Lake, 30 miles from the East Entrance to Yellowstone. It's also conveniently adjacent to Bridge Bay Marina/boat launch and store. A sanitary dump is available but no utility hook-ups. Pay showers and a coin laundry are also within four miles. Group sites are available.

Canyon Campground • You'll find this campground close to the breathtaking Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone near the center of the park. Camping in this area, offers stores, restaurants, pay showers and a coin laundry, but no utility hook-ups. A gas station, as well as repair service, is available

Grant Campground • This woodsy campground is located at the southwestern edge of Yellowstone Lake, 22 miles north of the South Entrance. Within a half mile, you'll find stores, restaurants, pay showers, a coin laundry, and a sanitary dump station, but no utility hook-ups. Group sites available.

Madison Campground • A central location for camping in Yellowstone National Park, this site is just 14 miles east of the West Yellowstone entrance and 16 miles north of Old Faithful near the junction of the Gibbon, Madison and Firehole Rivers. Offers a sanitary dump station and limited group sites but no utility hook-ups or showers. Madison Campground Yellowstone National Park is located 14 miles east of the West Entrance and 16 miles north of Old Faithful. Madison Campground Yellowstone National Park is not far from the Old Faithful area and in a wooded spot along the Madison River. Open from early May to mid-October, Madison is a popular pick for a vacation camping spot. You'll find Madison Campground, a beautiful camping spot along the Madison River, will meet all your needs as the perfect central home base for a Yellowstone National Park vacation. It is a favorite of fisherman in the fall because of the trout spawn wich brings many large fish up from Hebgen Reservior. Photographers love it in the fall also because of its proximity to the easily photographed bull elk during the fall rutting season. You will need to make reservations to stay at Yellowstone's Madison Campground. Simply call 307-344-7311 or the toll free number: 866-GEYSERLAND (439-7375).

Fishing Bridge RV Park • Situated by Fishing Bridge near beautiful Yellowstone Lake, this RV Park features sites with full hook-ups. It's designed for hard-sided units only with a maximum length of 40'. The area also offers a coin laundry, pay showers, store, electricity, water, sewer, hook-ups and a sanitary dump station. A great site for your camping experiences. Sightseeing tours are also available.

boy fishing Indian Creek in Yellowstone National Park
Boy fishing Indian Creek

Indian Creek Campground •  Indian Creek campground is located mid-way between Mammoth and Norris, near Sheepeater Cliff, in the northwest quadrant of the Park. Because of bear activity, special restrictions are often placed on this campground. Indian Creek Campground is open from early June to mid-September. Listen to the wolves howl at the night when staying at Indian Creek Campground Yellowstone, the perfect place to camp out and sleep under the stars during your Yellowstone vacation. The most liberal fishing regulations in Yellowstone are in Indain Creek and the Gardiner River close to the campground

Mammoth Campground •  Mammoth Hot Springs camping is the only Yellowstone campground open year round. Located at a popular part of Yellowstone National Park, it is in close proximity to a number of beautiful geothermal features and plenty of outdoor recreation. Mammoth Hot Springs Campground is located near the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces and is five miles from Yellowstone's North Entrance. With its close proximity to many wondrous sights in Yellowstone, Mammoth Campground is the ideal place to pitch your tent or park your RV when you come here on vacation. No reservations are necessary. This campground is first-come, first-served.

Pebble Creek Campground • Pebble Creek Campground in northwest Yellowstone is in the heart of the easiest place to see the wolves. It's in close proximity to some great hiking as well as some wonderful fishing spots in Soda Butte Creek, the Lamar River and Trout Lake. Open from mid-June to late September, it makes a summer or fall vacation something special. Pebble Creek Campground is located in the northeast corner of Yellowstone Park, 9 miles west of the Northeast Entrance. No reservations are needed, as the Pebble Creek Campground Yellowstone is first-come, first-served.

Sunrise at Slough Creek
Sunrise at Slough Creek

Slough Creek Campground • Trees and open sage meadows welcome you to Slough Creek Campground, in the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. The famous trout waters of Slough Creek have beconed fishermant to this spot for decades. It is also a favorite campground for photographers. Slough Creek Campground is located along the banks of Slough Creek, five miles east of Tower Junction. The access is two and a half miles down a dirt road. You don't need reservations at Slough Creek Campground Yellowstone. It's first-come, first-served. Slough Creek Campground in Yellowstone is a primitive camping location that gets you out in the wilderness and sleeping under the stars, with plenty of outdoor fun nearby. Open from late May to the end of October, it's the perfect place to experience a primitive camping spot in the park.

Tower Falls Campground •  Tower Falls Campground, in Yellowstone south of Tower Junction, has plenty of attractions nearby, like Tower Falls and the Tower-Roosevelt Petrified Tree. it is ground center for viewing the Black Bears for which the Tower area is famous. Tower Falls Campground is located in the Washburn Range in Yellowstone's northeast portion, 2 miles south of Tower Junction. No reservations are required at Tower Falls Campground as it is first-come, first-served. For a nice central location within Yellowstone National Park, you will find Tower Falls Campground meets your every need, from fabulous outdoor recreation to nearby natural attractions.

Lewis Lake Campground • Lewis Lake Campground is on a wooded hill near Lewis Lake, providing a peaceful setting but still close to Grant Village and the many facilities there. Close to the lakeshore and in the woods, the Lewis Lake Campground in Yellowstone National Park is the ideal spot to stay when fishing the waters of this fabulous lake is your goal. Open from the middle of June to early November, it is one of the last to fill. This makes it fairly easy to get a nice spot. You need no reservations for Lewis Lake Campground Yellowstone. It's first-come, first-served. Lewis Lake Campground is located on the southeast shore of Lewis Lake, about eight miles north of the South Entrance to Yellowstone.

Campgrounds Outside of Yellowstone Park
Paradise Valley Montana
Paradise Valley Montana

Livingston / Paradise Valley KOA • (Paradise Valley) Towering cottonwoods shade this mountain country KOA along the Yellowstone River. You are never much more than a long cast from KOA's 500 feet of frontage on the Yellowstone, a blue-ribbon trout stream. If you lose your favorite fly, replace it at the campground store! Livingston boasts a fly-fishing museum, art galleries and antique shops. Find outdoor activities in every direction. Don't miss a visit to Yellowstone National Park, 40 miles south. Your hosts can arrange raft trips on the Yellowstone or horseback rides and direct you toward great hikes in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area.

Yellowstone Park KOA • (West Yellowstone MT) Closest KOA to Yellowstone National Park. Base camp with us while touring upper and lower loops of the park, Teton National Park, Quake Lake and ghost town area. 34 miles from Old Faithful.

Grand Teton Park RV Resort • (Moran WY) Grand Teton Park RV Resort has the best location for visiting both National Parks. Located just 6 miles east of Moran Junction, you will be camping only 32 miles from Yellowstone National Park and just outside the east entrance of Grand Teton National Park. Also just 36 miles from the town of Jackson.

Yellowstone Valley Inn & RV Park • (Cody WY) Yellowstone Valley Inn's campground/RV area allows you to stay with us either in your RV or for those more adventurous, in a tent. We have nightly, weekly or monthly rates. Yellowstone Valley Inn Campground Features: Full Hookups/ pull thrus,20, 30 & 50 amp Service,Water/Electricity, Outdoor Heated Pool, Indoor Hot Tub, Playground Equipment, Dump station, Coin-Op Laundry, Restrooms with Showers, New bathhouse with unlimited hot water, Restaurant/Lounge on premise, The scenic grounds also include picnic tables, new state-of-the-art bath house with the only handicap accessible bathroom in the entire 50 mile valley and a majestic view of Wapiti Valley

Shoshone River, Cody Wyoming
Shoshone River, Cody Wyoming

Cody KOA • (Cody WY) Gateway to Yellowstone adventure. Leave rig at camp and enjoy majestic mountain vistas, abundant wildlife, back country hiking, world-class fishing, old west legends and pure mountain air. Guided tours. Make a splash in pool complex. Free rodeo shuttle. Free pancakes. Playground and game room. Trail rides at camp. Planned itineraries and special events.

Rocky Mountain Campground • (Gardiner MT) 4 Blocks to the Yellowstone National Park North entrance Gardiner Montana. Your Base camp to see Yellowstone National Park. " From Memorial day through Labor day. Sitting on a hill top, Overlooking Gardiner, The Yellowstone River and being overlooked by snow capped mountains.

Dubois / Wind River KOA • (DuboisWY) Find your campsite nestled along the Big Wind River, in a beautiful valley between the Wind River and Absaroka mountain ranges. You and your family will be in the heart of Dubois, a rustic western cowboy town just 90 minutes east of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. It’s mountain camping at its best, with all of the shopping, services and conveniences of town.

Yellowstone Park / West Entrance KOA • (West Yellowstone) Find a pine-shaded site here near Yellowstone’s west entrance, the most popular and convenient entry point, and you’ve found the perfect base camp for exploring this amazing national park. Old Faithful puts on its steamy regular-as-clockwork show just 34 miles east. Have a tour bus pick you up at KOA’s office for a ride to the park. Or take the wheel yourself to tour Yellowstone’s driving loops. The area offers horseback riding, world-class fly-fishing, whitewater rafting and hiking and biking trails that begin near the KOA.


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