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7 Point Ranch Emigrant, Montana

Bison, Old Faithful, geyser, Yellowstone National Park
Bison by Olf Faitful Geyser

While scouting for the perfect North Yellowstone hotel property, to conduct my photography tours from I discovered the perfect place.  My new home away from home in Northern Yellowstone where eclectic meets old country charm is the 7 Point Ranch. Access to the Yellowstone River is just a walk out the back door, and Yellowstone National Park is only 25 minutes up the road.

7 Point Ranch offers the comforts of home on the banks of the legendary fly-fishing destination, The Yellowstone River.  The lodge is a repurposed trophy home, not as a bed and breakfast, but better.

The well-appointed rooms have shared common living rooms and kitchens for the guests. You won’t experience that “trapped in a hotel” feeling because you have a living room and kitchen at the end of the hall stocked with some food items and coffee.

Lodge hosts Cheryl and Howard Jones are extremely helpful and full of Information. Cheryl’s hobby is keeping up with wildlife activity in Yellowstone and is a wealth of information about where to see the critters. She also can be hired to show them to you.

room at 7 point ranch
Well appointed large suite, couch, desk, overstuffed chair and great wifi

As a nature photographer, for reasons that are incomprehensible to me, my wife prefers to skip the 4:30 am landscape/wildlife photographer’s call to duty and prefers to sleep in until I return for her in the late AM.  The 7 Point Ranch helps my marriage by, instead of putting a coffee pot in my room, putting a kitchen at the end of the hall. Attached to a living room/dinning room where I can catch the morning news over coffee while my wife snoozes undisturbed.

This room/kitchen/common area arrangement is also perfect for the photo tour companies.   Photo tours start long before the restaurants and convenience stores open, the full kitchen solves this predawn problem.   A well-planned trip to the grocery store solves multiple meal dilemmas including the making and packing of lunches. This could be advantageous for hunters traveling with non-hunting spouses. From the tastefully decorated rooms to afore mentioned well-equipped common areas. My favorite room has a fireplace in it with a cool fire screen with an elk/grizzly bear enhancing the cool mountain ambience.

Fly-fishing Yellowstone River, drift boat, Paradise Valley, Montana
The Yellowstone River is one of several that make Montana a famouns fly-fishing destination.

After my wife’s leisurely slumber, in my absence she enjoyed the cool and funky town of Livingston Montana is just a short way up the road made famous in the Jimmy Buffet song “Livingston Saturday Night.” On her way back to the lodge she enjoyed a good soaking at the historically recognized Chico Hot Springs established in 1900. Day two she enjoyed horseback riding arranged by Cheryl.

As a former fly-fishing guide, I am anxious to return to experience fly-fishing from the fly-fishing from the 7 Point Ranch. The low water of winter and early spring is good for casting streamers for larger predator trout, but most prefer the Mother’s Day caddis hatch April/May, or the salmon-fly hatch which is in late June.   I have a lull in my photo tour business in August so my fishing opportunity will be during the mayfly hatch and grasshopper season. Hunters would be wise to cast a few blue wing olives during the cool days of autumn.  The spring creek aficionado will be pleased with the access to the world famous Armstrong, DePuy's, and Nelson's Spring Creek’s, just a short way north from the lodge. Howard and Cheryl can make fishing guide arrangements if needed.

Golden Ratio, Grizzly Bear, Mountain Bluebird
The Golden Ratio in my photography, it is also a cool design for a spa

The soon to be completed Golden Ratio Spa, Salon and Wellness Center includes five treatment/massage rooms, Wet room: three tubs, Vichy shower, shower, a pedicure/manicure area, Hair and nail salon. The main room of the spa is shaped like the golden ratio diagram. Famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and The Birth of Venus, among others, are all rumored to have been composed based on the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio has also been called ‘natures number’because it is said to appear everywhere throughout nature, from the nautilus shell to the sunflower. This would have been a construction nightmare I’m glad I had no part in building, but it looks really cool, which is why I factor the Golden Ratio into my photography.  Maybe I can send my slow photography learners to the spa and have the Golden Ratio massaged into their scalp at the end of the day.

Because of the afore mentioned multiple common areas, and spa, the property is perfect for group events like weddings, complete with a park like setting by the river.

I look forward to my next Yellowstone photo tour, but even more so to the fishing trip where I can indulge myself at the 7 Point Ranch instead catering to the needs of others.

Livingston Montana, Lodging, hotel, guest ranch
Livingston Montana, a cool and funky town
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