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Wilson Wyoming
Red Barn Creek Wilson Wyoming
Old Barn at Fish Creek, Wilson Wyoming

Wilson Wyoming is a quaint village at the bottom of Teton Pass, and is nestled between the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges just west of Jackson Wyoming. With a vibe that’s part cowboy and part hippie, this small town near Jackson boasts the highest incomes in the country. The Snake River flows through on Wilson's eastern flank and the infamous Grand Teton towers above it at 13,770 feet above sea level. Grand Teton National Park south entrance is right down the road and Yellowstone National Park is only 60 miles away.

Wilson's early days were lived in western tradition, but during the 60's the hippies moved because back then property was cheap, but now it has evolved into an enclave of wealthy urban escapees making quite and eclectic mix because some of all are still there.

Phelps trail above Wilson Wyoming in the Grand Tetons
Phelps trail above Wilson

My son who delivered pizza in Jackson Hole hated delivering to Wilson because those who lived there rarely tipped.  The residual hippies who although bought decades ago when properties were affordable are likely tapped out because of high property taxes which are confiscatory unless you make your money in Hollywood or Wall Street. The blue-collar folks in Wilson’s “affordable housing projects” are stretched to the financial limit because the units really aren’t affordable, they are merely subsidized. He was at a loss at why some who appeared to be very wealthy didn’t tip either.  I explained, even some rich people live beyond their means. Teton County is known for its endless adventure—and for its tax-haven status and lack of affordable housing.

Wilson is known best for the character that first came to Jackson Hole, Nick Wilson who homesteaded in Wilson. There was a movie made about some of his exploits as a teenager called Wind River; Nick run away from his home in Utah in 1856 to live with the Indians in the Wind River Valley. Nick Wilson traveled through Jackson Hole in route to the Wind River Country where he was adopted and lived with Chief Washakie. Washakie's tribe of Shoshonis’ often made hunting trips to Jackson Hole and the stunning beauty of the place stuck with Nick long after returning home after living with the Indians for four years. Many of my good friends are decedents of Nicks.

On Sunday afternoons, locals and visitors alike head to the Stagecoach Inn for a secular yet hallowed event called Sunday Church to dance to the same swing band, the Stage Coach Band, that’s played there for 50+ years.  One of the players is Bill Briggs, the first guy to ski from the top of the Grand Teton (13,777 feet above sea level.

the Fish Creek Moose
Wilson resident, the Fish Creek Moose

The Teton Raptor Center is located on the east side of the village one highway 22 In those cool red barns.  This is nonprofit organization of biologists, ecologists, educators, wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers. Teton Raptor Center helps return birds of prey to the wild once they've healed.  Tours are offered and recommended.

Teton Pass above the village has become quit the recreational hub, it offers some of the best backcountry skiing around and as system of mountain bike trails is making Teton Pass a destination in its own right. Teton Pass has trail heads for two of the starting points for the Teton Crest Trail for those backpackers who don’t want to cheat by taking the Teton Village Tram to the top of the Tetons.  It is also the commute for 70% of Jackson’s work force as Idaho on the other side is more affordable.  A beautiful commute but you better have some driving skills.  Some don’t, there once was a building at the bottom of the pass that had been hit by several run-away trucks, smartly the owners deserted the building and hung a sign on I saying:  “Tommy’s Truck Stop”.   Wilson is full of characters.

Barn at Trail Creek Ranch, winter home to a moose herd and lots of snow
Barn at Trail Creek Ranch, winter home to a moose herd and lots of snow - Buy Print



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