Jenny and Taggert Lake Ski Trails
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Parking Area
The parking area is located 4 miles northwest of Moose Junction on Teton Park Road.

Jenny Lake Trail
Easy, 7.6 miles roundtrip, elevation change: 100'. Follow the unplowed road 1⁄4-mile to Cottonwood Creek, then ski north along the creek. The trail follows the west side of the creek, crosses several meadows, then climbs a low moraine, and ends at an overlook of Jenny Lake. The terrain is mostly level and is excellent
for beginners. Skiing on Cottonwood Creek is not recommended. Return via the same trail. Another option is to follow the unplowed road (not flagged) to the east side of Jenny Lake. To reach the flagged ski trail from the unplowed road, cross the bridge over Cottonwood Creek and head west along the edge of Jenny Lake.

Taggart Lake-Beaver Creek Loop
Difficult, Taggart Lake and return – 3.2 miles roundtrip, elevation change: 277'. Taggart Lake/ Beaver Creek Loop – 4 miles roundtrip, elevation change: 397'. From the parking area, ski directly toward the mountains. Turn north (right) and follow the trail as it climbs over the moraine. The trail forks in about one mile. The right fork climbs 0.7 mile for a view down to Taggart Lake. The left fork takes you directly to Taggart Lake. If
you return the way you came, you will encounter a steep, tree-lined section that is at times icy and treacherous, requiring downhill skiing ability. Another option is to turn south, cross the bridge over the lake outlet, and follow the trail that climbs the moraine. Then ski down the steep open slope and follow the Beaver Creek trail to the east to return to the parking area.

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