Cross Country Skiing Flag Ranch Area

Polecat Creek Loop Trail
Easy, 2.5 miles, elevation change: 50'. The south side parallels the Grassy Lake Road, which is open to snowmobiles. The west side follows a bench above Polecat Creek.

Flagg Canyon Trail North
Difficult, 4.0 miles roundtrip, elevation change: 120'. Follow the east side of the Polecat Creek Loop Trail and travel north for 0.5 miles. Turn east (right) at the marked trail junction. The trail crosses the snowmobile trail; use caution and watch for snowmobiles and snowcoaches. The flagged trail continues on the east side of the the Flagg Canyon Trail north (left) to reach the South Gate of Yellowstone National Park. This
section contains a few short, steep sections that can easily be avoided. Use caution and avoid cornices where the trail follows the edge of the cliff above the Snake River. Return via the same route or take the groomed snowmobile trail.

Flagg Canyon Trail South
Easy, 4.0 miles roundtrip , elevation change: 40'. Reach the Flagg Canyon Trail as described for Flagg Canyon Trail north. At the junction with the Flagg Canyon Trail, turn south (right). The southern half of the Flagg Canyon Trail leads 1.2 miles to end at the highway near the bridge over the Snake River. The trail is suitable for beginners. Return via the same route.

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