Cross Country Skiing Colter Bay

Swan Lake-Heron Pond Loop

The trailhead is located 300 feet south of the Colter Bay Ranger Station. Park in front of the ranger station or near the trailhead on the road.

Easy, 3 miles roundtrip, elevation change: 40'. The trail crosses an unplowed parking area, then passes the Hermitage Point Trailhead. Continue to the right of the trailhead sign and follow an old road for the first 0.4 mile. The trail then forks to either Swan Lake or Heron Pond. Ski 2.2 miles in either direction on the loop trail to return to this junction. Skiing on the ponds is not recommended. Beyond Heron Pond unflagged trails lead to Hermitage Point; this loop adds 5.8 mi. (60' elevation) to the trip.

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