Bradley Lake

Bradley Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Hikers, Bradley Lake, Grand Teton National Park
Bradley Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Bradley Lake is a contributor to the stunning beauty of Grand Teton Park; it sits like a jewel at the foot of the serrated peaks of the Grand Tetons. A stream feeds it from Garnet Canyon, one of the major valleys of the Tetons originating from a glacier next to Middle Teton, 5,000 feet above.

Both Bradley Lake (7,022 feet) and Taggart Lake (6,902 feet) a few hundred yards away were named for members of the Hayden Survey party of 1872. Bradley Lake has 60 surface acres of water. Glaciers flowing from the Teton Range formed each. A glacier from Avalanche Canyon filled Taggart Lake and a glacier from Garnet Canyon filled Bradley Lake.

Bradley Lake Trail, located south of Garnet Canyon beneath the South Teton, offers a moderate four mile roundtrip hike with elevation changes rising only over three hundred feet, but because of the nature of the area, the route can take up to four hours for a roundtrip. In fact, all hikers must stop at the local visitor centers to get maps and register for a permit, as well as having sufficient gear for safety and backcountry survival. The trail traverses an area burned in 1985 then down a glacial moraine to Bradley Lake. The hike to each lake is fairly easy, and both have mature forests of lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, and alpine fir. The lakes also have abundant wildlife. The scenery around the two is similarly impressive but Bradley receives fewer visitors so is more peaceful.

The fishing in Bradley Lake is for cutthroat trout that range from seven to fourteen inches.

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