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Cody Wyoming Dining

The Irma Hotel • The Irma’s restaurant puts on an awesome feed featuring Prime Rib billed as the best in the west, the retro ambiance featuring 1902 décor, period paintings on the wall and trophy animal mounts are certain reminders that you have left the twenty first century and returned to a earlier time. We were there for Valentines Day and there was a steady stream of local cowboys, from young wranglers romancing their girl to old ranchers bringing their wives to the Irma Hotel for a night on the town. It was evident that the Irma Hotel was Cody Wyoming’s place to go on special occasions for the locals.

Irma Hotel
Irma Hotel
Il Padrino Italian Steak House • Offering Baked Lasagna, Pizza, Penne a la Vodka and most recently - the Rib Eye Steak. All four dishes were properly prepared, flavorful and satisfying. The steak was a great surprise. It turns out Cody's Italian restaurant may very well be serving the best steaks in town.
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