Dead Grizzly Bear Cubs

I was in Yellowstone when a text from a friend at 5am gave me the good news of COY (new bear cubs), then my heart sank because I knew what was ahead upon a moments reflection of which sow it was, after 34 years here I had seen this movie before. Instead of getting into YP at sunrise where I knew a wolf was likely to be, I instead made a poignant meme; and wrote a plea to Save Our Bears stating; “Forest managers don’t want to budget wildlife and traffic control. Suppress your urge to post your trophy with the, who, what, when and where, try to sit on you photo for a week until the bears have moved. You might save a bear or bears from being moved or killed. I was called a greedy local because I wanted the experience all to myself; everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Save Grizzly Bears
First posted meme, 5/9/2021

I knew it was a futile plea because the dopamine rush of social media I know first-hand is a powerful drug and that I was merely spitting in the wind. I also sent an email plea to a couple of newspaper editors to please not write stories and share Facebook posts as they did in 2019.

Many of social media didn’t care, they can’t wait to get more traffic on these cubs that live outside of economical Wildlife Management volunteers of the parks.

Two years ago, the same sow had twins, as usual it was a Facebook sensation and the traffic jam commenced in a place where the State Patrol, Sheriff, Forest Service and Game and Fish didn’t have the crowd control budget that the parks do. These agencies often have distain for predators, a much different mentality than the National parks.

As most biologists and wildlife photographers know, Grizzly Sows know they are safer by the road because the grizzly boars that want to kill their cubs don’t like the human interface corridors.

Cute Grizzly Bear cub

The cub that was no longer

Well folks, spring of 2019 because of Facebook telling the world who, were, when, an unmentioned agency hazed the bear family into the woods, likely too a nearby boar waiting for an opportunity to fill his hormonal compulsion to kill cubs sow the sow would again come into estrous. The next morning there was only a single cub.

Sadly this family was hazed into woods again (5/12/21). Soon we will find out how these cubs fared this hazing and hope they do better than their siblings of the previous cub crop did in 2019.

I have written many times of a favorite saying; “Beware of the Law of Unintended Consequences” I now add; “Still though, the law is very consequential.
Am I still going to be a selfish local for ringing the bell of this danger if one or both of these cubs disappears after this hazing or the next, I don’t really care about that.

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